Windermere Ninja Installation

The Windermere Ninja Installation is the most successful training in Windermere's history, changing the careers of over half of our Windermere network, by providing a plan and process for creating a sustainable business that thrives in every market. Derived from the researched and documented methodologies of the nation's top real estate agents, the Ninja process has been shown to increase agent profitability by 35.87% ahead of the market!

In the course of four days, you will gain a business system, a success strategy, and an enhanced skillset. 

  • Creating an effective marketing plan
  • Building your database
  • Working with sellers
  • Working with buyers
  • Evaluating properties
  • Negotiating
  • 250-page workbook
  • Audio files for continual practice
  • Supplemental digital documents
  • Two books: The Go Giver and Ninja Selling
  • Attractive carrying tote